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How to Hire a Marketing Agency

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Knowing when to hire a marketing agency is an important step in helping your business reach its potential. But knowing how to hire one is another matter altogether. Today, the team at HardyHarris would like to offer you some guidance on how to go about hiring a marketing agency for your company.

Gather information about your business

Any marketing agencies you’re considering will require some information about many different areas of your business. Show them marketing campaigns you’ve done in the past, including both successful and unsuccessful ones. Bring sales reports and data and talk to them about your goals. This information will help an agency determine the direction of your marketing while finding ways to improve upon common themes or tactics.

Plan goals for the start of your relationship

Even after you’ve hired an agency, it’s important to know they can’t transform your marketing overnight. These changes will take time. With this in mind, talk to any agency you’re considering about small, easily attainable goals right from the start.

Ask about communication and collaboration

Finally, don’t forget to ask about how an agency communicates and collaborates with its clients. Good communication involves talks about scheduling, any resources that might need to be provided, and many other relevant items.

Learn more about why you should work with a marketing agency who’ll put your company’s needs first. Call HardyHarris today to see how our experiential and event marketing programs can make a positive impact on your business.

HardyHarris Media + Marketing lets you activate your brand through experiential marketing and event marketing. Get in touch to see how we handle every part of your customer engagement experience, including event data collection.

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