3 Trends in Digital Signage for 2019

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Traditional signage serves a very important purpose in marketing, but there’s no denying that digital signage has had a significant impact. As you work with a marketing agency, you’ll no doubt wonder about what’s new and how you can take advantage of it. For anyone who’s curious about the current digital signage trends for 2019, HardyHarris has three things to watch out for.

Trend #1: Physical & Digital World Building

Thanks to the latest innovations and smart programs, automatic digital messaging and responses have made connecting to a consumer base far easier than ever before. However, there has also been some pushback in recent years thanks to our society’s obsession with the digital world. Right now, marketing agencies are trying to find new ways to connect digital advertising to real-world physical surroundings. This invites consumers to engage with digital advertisements as part of their physical world.

Trend #2: Interaction & Infotainment

Speaking of the integration of the real and digital world, you will start to see more and more digital signs having the capability to interact with the physical world. For instance, advanced digital signs can sense weather changes and make appropriate adjustments to fit the atmosphere (like a sign that shows umbrellas when it starts to rain). Other signs use haptic technology to offer infotainment for passersby. This can lead to increases in consumer visitation.

Trend #3: Messaging Tactics

Short, brief advertisements are no longer the preferred way to make a name for your business. Today’s consumers are looking for messages that inspire relationships or connect with their personal beliefs, stories, or ideals. Even though digital signage uses technology, people want to see the personal side of a business.

Start taking steps that improve your business’s overall marketing reach. Meet with the marketing agency at HardyHarris to see how digital signage can benefit your company.

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