Promotional Sampling Trucks

Is your Brand in need of a promotional truck or trailer? HardyHarris can provide a cost effective method of getting the message across, while engaging your audience.


  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Marketing
  • Mobile Exhibitions
  • Mobile Sampling and Demonstrations
  • Presentations
  • Public information
  • Advertising Impact
  • Completely Customizabl

Please Note: Time table for Promotional Vehicles can range from 2 days to 2 Months depending on the level of Customization that is required. 

Customizable Options.

  • Customizable Interiors
  • Customizable Exteriors
  • Full Wrapping Available
  • Drivers Optional
  • We can Deliver to your location
  • You name it we can do it.

Promotional Sampling Trucks

Drive up, Set up in a matter of Minutes. Create a buzz today call us at 803-322-6002.

  • View of rear doors
    View of rear doors