Mobile Text Marketing

The way businesses and organizations communicate with their customers or members has evolved. Postal mails, newsletters, and printed ads are being replaced by emails, but the speed and convenience of email communications has created breeding grounds for unsolicited messages and overabundance of volume. Mobile text messaging has emerged as a new way of contacting customers with speed, relevance and effective response.

Unlike traditional email subscriptions, mobile keyword subscriptions are controlled by the end users. People can subscribe and unsubscribe on an opt-in basis. This level of control and the new emerging mobile culture have brought keyword marketing to impact levels far exceeding direct mail, email marketing, and other traditional marketing channels, resulting in as much as 90% + read rate and
25%+ response rate.

Key advantages that email and postal mail cannot deliver:

High impact and timely delivery
Personal attention
Geo targeting
Over 90% of messages are opened
Short messages are read in full
Extremely high purchase rate
Capable of creating various fun, interactive, and engaging campaigns

How Mobile Keywords Work

You choose a Mobile Keyword that identifies your company, organization, or campaign. Then your audience simply sends your keyword to our short phone number ("short code") such as 96362. When your keyword is texted, your customer receives an immediate automated text responder that you can customize anytime. The customer's mobile number is instantly stored in your contact database for future mobile marketing campaigns.

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