Digital Signage

Advances in technology are bringing down costs and providing incredible opportunities to incorporate digital displays into your current marketing plan. On site dynamic digital displays can reinforce the existing advertising campaigns in tv, radio, out-of-home, and print, providing that aided recall when customers are closest to the point of purchase.

Traditional static signage is becoming a thing of the past, while dynamic digital displays can provide an engaging experience for both your customers and staff. Digital content can be customized by location and day part to provide more relevant and timely advertising.

Whether your goal is to increase return on investment or return on objective, digital dynamic networks are a great application in any setting. HardyHarris can be provide everything from the site survey and equipment installation, to management of content and scheduling.

How can digital signage help your business?

Improve Environment - improve perceived wait time, add energy and vitality, infotainment, reflect community involvement, way finding.

Increase Revenue - upsale, cross-sale, increase visit frequency, promote product lines and offerings (like gift cards, parties, VIP service, etc.), third party advertising, reach customers at point of sale.

Reduce Costs - decrease poster and promotional printing, improve visual impact, target messaging, focus staff, communicate more effectively, move hard to sell inventory.

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